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Codingline is a subscription informational service that facilitates discussions on foot and ankle coding, reimbursement, and practice management topics. Since its launch in 2000, over 12,000 archived and searchable subscriber foot and ankle related questions have been posted on the Codingline Forum. The Codingline forum is where subscribers read questions, post questions or comment on the discussion. Posts and responses are reviewed for clarity and accuracy.
Replies to questions come from our subscribers (foot and ankle specialists, coders, and billers), as well as Codingline’s expert panelists. Codingline’s expert panelists are independent foot and ankle clinicians, healthcare attorneys, professional coders, and independent healthcare business consultants. These experts respond to questions in their area of expertise when there is need beyond subscriber comments.
Our subscription packages and services are listed below. If you are a foot and ankle specialist (DPM, MD, DO), a coder, or part of the practice staff dealing with billing and reimbursement, Codingline is here to assist you.

Welcome to Codingline.



This is a daily emailed listservice that includes posts specific to health policy news, foot and ankle coding, reimbursement, and practice management topics. Subscribers have the option to read the questions or responses, post a comment of their own, or write a question to be posted.


The Forum contains current topics being discussed. This is where subscribers can read questions and responses, post a response, open a new topic or post a question. A subscriber can access 16 years of foot and ankle coding, reimbursement, and practice management Q/As. If the subscriber is Codingline Gold, there is access the Direct to Expert page.

Direct to Expert

Codingline Gold subscribers have access to Direct to Expert (d2e). This benefit allows Gold subscribers to ask questions “off-the- listservice” forum. The Codingline moderator renders the questions anonymous before sending them to the appropriate expert panelist(s) for their opinion(s). The responses return to the moderator who forwards them to the Codingline Gold subscriber.


The CL Blog publishes commentary on coding, reimbursement, risk management, and/or practice management issues. Subscribers are invited to post opinions and comments that are on their minds about these topics. The CL Blog is moderated for appropriateness and clarity.


This is a list of upcoming seminars, workshops, and webinars hosted or co-hosted by Codingline.